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monoatomic gold scientific studies

Fig. to decrease the probability for one particle binding to many amino groups From ancient alchemists to modern breakthroughs, this mineral has certainly had its fair share of attention! I admit Im very healthy without it, but our bodies do need these minerals to function optimally. ORMUS MONATOMIC GOLD - Monatomic Gold Ormus Suspended In Colloidal Gold - Gold Health Ormus Spiritual Supplement - 30ml - Ormus. Even the complete destruction of ego, as Gary was often fond of saying, does not mean complete liberation. task. I am thinking more clearly but Im also taking a colloidal gold which I know has something to do with it. A few years ago, I've inserted the following Precautionary I would like to know if people who take this are or arent rh-. persons body will also glow. One minute cure using hydrogen peroxide. If you dont have a lattice network, you dont have a metal even though the atoms of the two forms of matter are identical! Liquid Chi Periodic table jokes (Challenge week 2) Hydrogen: What did the other elements say to hydrogen What a loner Two guys walk into a restaurant. One of them is called the monoatomic state. Are you curious about what scientists think of Ormus and Monoatomic Gold? First, we must look at what this powerful substance is: Monatomic gold is made up of single atoms that arent bound to one another. David Hudson is an interesting character. the DNA. AlchemyA Mix of Chemistry and Occultism. However, Dr. Kogan of the institute does not support all of Hudsons findings as being scientifically valid. Other metallic elements in the same part of the periodic table have also been observed in microclusters. In the three situations that I know about the person was exposed to high energy electromagnetic forces in conjunction with the metallic gold fibers that came out of their skin. When you find it please let me know as Im looking for the same Please! I feel better about everything in a significant way. of a variety of nanodevices. For AFM imaging, the DNA was ligated Monoatomic gold is finer than nanoparticles to be better absorbed by the body. Israeli Soldier's Story |Home |Fukushima Psyops| Agenda 21 | Treat Parasites | Swine Flu Hoax/Vaccine | Links |Jane Tripp Time Travel|Discussion Trace Pure Ocean Minerals: Activation Products Health Booster? Monatomic Gold,Monoatomic Gold,Ormus Gold Worlds Freshest ,Anti-Aging,Health,Joy. But, these are times without precedent, and when much is at stake, the risks and costs are correspondingly high. I am wondering if the people that are actually feeling something are the 15% of RH(-) on the planet. I'm not saying whether it is right or wrong but that is my background.. Works great for RH-Null still deciding on O+ .. Mini Silver Terminator (MST) | Chembusters & Orgone Generators | Reverse Polarity Colloidal Silver Generator | Smart Phone Dangers | Contact Us/ E-mail Current News | Introduction | Colloidal Silver | Chemtrails | Sylphs | Emerging Diseases | Forbidden Cures | Ozone | Immunity Boosting | Nutrition |Tone Gen Angel Aura adds a distinct energetic quality to an Andara crystals look and . I make my ownI feel better, gotten less sick, more spiritual, on n onI take 1 med which Im almost off now for Lupus and and every other thing I have gotten previously..I was the 1 who if got a cold got an infection..with this last flu 3 days everyone around me hospital bound. with two different passivating coatings were tested. How long did it take to see results? Monatomic gold is incredibly light sensitive so it is important that it is stored in a dark cool place away from pets and children. the corrupt politicians, etc., and all those who serve the Dark Master, Information on our products is provided for informational purposes only. Much later he took "very little" ORMUS gold for "not very long". Superfluidity. Scientific studies have proven that this substance can actually keep your cells protected and safe from different types of diseases by doing so. Question 9. The bread was called shew or show bread simply because it was on show. Colloidal gold is in the form of . I . base pairs long with two binding sites for gold per DNA molecule. Brain hemispheres are balanced and lower frequencies are raised, producing an alpha state similar to the result of years of meditation. A July 27, 1996 interview with this gentleman revealed that he started the fast "About two years ago". I do not get sick or even get colds. "A monoatomic gold reactor built in a conical biological nanopore", reported by Shuo Huang group, was published on "Nature Communications" Time:2019-12-13 Viewed: In the field of science and. David Hi I was reading your comment. Most people feel nothing. The supplements come with unique names like Conduit and are priced at around $100 for a small 2 ounce liquid container or around $70 for a 1 gram package of powder. which David finds appropriate since this white gold is the elixir of life THE PHYSICS OF MONOATOMIC ELEMENTS Excerpted from an Article Originally Written by Everett Karels Classical science teaches us that the three phases of matter are gasses, liquids, and solids (and the newer plasmas, Bose-Einstein condensates, and liquid crystals). Be sure to read his article after reviewing the information presented below: White Owl on The Dangers of Monoatomic Gold & 'Enki' Aliens (Feb. 4, 2009) The human body is a marvelous bioelectric machine, and all of its processes depend on the clear and (ideally) unimpeded conduction of electrical messages required to carry out those processes. Far from everyone's expectations, the ORMUS material may end up addicting if used carelessly and more "binding" rather than "liberating". Laboratory testing of products labeled as ionic gold . You find that it displaces a volume of water equal to 0.006125 ft^3. Note into Chapter 10C of Fritz Springmeier/Cisco Wheeler's on-line book (May 17, 2007) I maust be doing something right as I am now well past 5 years! a basic need to assemble nanometer-scale objects in a programmable manner New science, then, tells us that all matter, including our physical bodies, consist of forms of light and therefore is pure energy in essence. I have heard that would Mount Saint Helen exploded. To DNA He left the gold out in the sun for a few minutes before it magically disappeared in a huge flash of light. everyone possesses a unique genetic composition and chemistry, one should consult his/her healthcare practitioner before use and also test for sensitivity, especially if one's chemistry is modified by medication. @ancientsecretdiscoveries Steve Mera, the UK's most respected researcher in the realms of UFOlogy, Unexplained & Supernatural, joins Erich von Daniken to discuss Ancient Mana (otherwise known as. I am -0 blood my naturepath tested my energy level with the ormus to see if it has a healing effect on me. He was the guy who claims to have discovered monoatomic gold while working at his cotton farm in Phoenix, Arizona. This color of Monatomic Andara crystal has chosen the name Celestial Gold. They also died from taking the actual Elixirs and the Stone itself because they were not sufficiently prepared.". From Anonymous, http://www.rense.com/general67/gold.htm and particles approximately 2.5 nm in size were coated with thioctic acid THE PHILOSOPHERS STONE Much luv to all.. He claims a doctor told him, Dave, this is like a magic material. He then cured someone else of cancer by giving them one milligram per day of monoatomic gold. There are a number of scientific studies on white gold which Monatomic gold is known to affect the mind and tapping into ones own consciousness can cause feelings similar to hallucinations in some. But experts in cellular chemistry, chemical biology and neurology have told AAP FactCheck . None of the supplements listed above have been studied extensively in independent, high-quality scientific laboratories, so its impossible to assess their benefits. In that lecture, Hudson basically claims to have walked around a Phoenix hospital curing everyone of their diseases instantly using his magical gold substance. The activation of more than two strands of DNA The story - Examining the MYSTERY of Monatomic Gold, Whyd You Have to Choose Us? Optimal Digestive Support. ingest purple vegetables, your physical condition will also improve! Are the valence electrons unavailable for reactions in monatomic elements or not? This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged. i make it out of sea water, the wet method. Highlight Current Research Research Accomplishments Would like to know more about star food though. Quantum coherence. The results of psylocybin were erratic, but seemed to helped release subconscious memories. ORMUS/ORMEs stands for Orbitally Rearranged Monoatomic Elements. What classical science does not teach us is that there is, in fact, another phase of matter called monatomic. (Metals typically rust and corrode.) on the DNA, methylamine was used to block some of the carboxyl groups on If it does improve my knees. to a gold surface. the 1.twinning traumas, 2. channeling, 3. telepathic communication, and Some of his associates can even be described as quite hostile towards my article, like the ORMEs-consumer interviewed on the moderated forum. Because Hudson A kundalini awakened American engineer named Gary, in one of his private posts to me, described one of the greatest dangers of mistaking the signpost for the destination: "Hudson's mind is not open to new ideas at this point, and he will stay like that for some time. She claims that the initial growth of psychic awareness is I got to thinking. to DNA Templates. One guy says "I would like some H 2 O. Check Price. Bose-Einstein condensates. When more hydrogen is present, the surface tension of water (or any other liquid) is reduced. In that second lecture, Dave explains that monoatomic gold isnt a medicine and it isnt anti-anything. 85% are RH(+). David Hudson, the guy who first discovered monoatomic gold, reportedly spent $5 million obtaining his samples of ORMUS. More importantly the spiritual qualities. It claims to be able to supercharge your brain by delivering a combination of some of the best minerals it needs to experience consciousness to its fullest [sic]. 22.19 (10% off) FREE UK delivery. I will let you know by the end of October Maybe. Monoatomic gold is also known as ORMUS gold, white powder gold, m-state gold, or even as the Philosophers Stone. Enhanced focus, mood and conscious health. I come from an ultra-conservative right wing background. Ive been thinking about the same thing not necessary star food. Those who believe in the powers of monoatomic gold claim it has a diverse range of exotic benefits. Oxygen therapy. The existence of monoatomic gold is described by changing the name everywhere in history. Particles with an average The destruction of the ten virtual DNA strands (unseen bound to the DNA. What exactly does that mean? is necessary for nanodevices fabrication. ORMUS metals, also known as ORMEs metals, are metals purported to be in a unique plain of existence. They can only detect elements by interacting with their valence electrons. Semveta. says that the promotion of mono atomic gold is an Illuminati deception. the way back to the days of the Roman Empire -- and beyond? When the co-author Fritz In this regard it is still a realm of illusion. To detect a monatomic element requires that you first convert it from its monatomic state to its normal state to allow the element to be detected with conventional instrumentation. As crazy as those benefits sound, David Hudson has talked about all of the above benefits. It is the universal quantum coherent glue, which binds us all together. Some solids crystallize into a lattice structure called metals. It can't be that way. When I questioned her about the circumstances she said that both of them had been taking MSM and had just been "treated" with an electromagnetic frequency device. de Sion. is the real power behind the the military-industrial complex and its many C-Gro. However further scientific studies have yet to be carried out on its potency or efficacy as an alternative medicine so we are yet to have a clear understanding of what makes this substance special and how individuals can use it safely in their daily lives if at all possible. In fact the gentleman who did the fast suggested that it was not true at all when he said: "I knew what to do. verify the power of white gold on the human body. Metals usually do not form any diatomic bonding (in a chunk of the stuff, we're not talking about funky coordination complexes) as they just have a basic crystalline structure sharing electrons throughout. This is a Mind-Spirit transfer, done by . In other words, these monoatomic elements could reduce a person's mass, boost the energy level of the body, and regulate numerous other unbalanced aspects on a biological and spiritual level. This electrical output also increases the electrical, or electromagnetic, field of the user. When you add STAR FOOD to your diet you are supplying your body with large amounts of naturally sourced Monatomic Gold plus antioxidants, amino acids, vitamins, minerals, enzymes, and chlorophyll all from one daily spoonful. Carbon dioxide produced by action of dilute Thus, 12 g of carbon atoms has 6.022 . I am experiencing the same ascension symptoms, I suggest you look into hydrogen rich water as the cure all your looking for. Because the valence electrons are unavailable, it is impossible to use standard analytical chemistry techniques to identify a monatomic element. Even though there are a variety of theories about what Ormus and monoatomic gold can do, few actually understand what it is or how it works. I take ormus regularly and notice a drastic difference in my outlook on life when I do as opposed to when I dont. In ancient Egypt, it was called Mfkzt. Dr. Robert Bitzer| T. Lobsang Rampa | Ruth Drown | ZS Livingstone | David Brandt| Global Warming | The CIA| Veterans Awaken | Eustace Mullins Sir It does not, in fact, produce any "release" from the cycle of birth-and-death. I thought alkaline its bad for you? A few of the differences will be noted. Here, we will report a study of stretch lengths of gold mono-atomic wires with and without 1,6-hexanedithiol (HDT) using the STM break-junction method. MonoatomicGold.co.uk calls the gold a truly exotic substance and claims that it was highly-valued by ancient cultures for its mystical properties and magical powers. Hello, how do you make your own Powder and also how are you taking it? I was a bit more focused sex drive was through the ceiling then some big Plus for this. The weight of these amazing materials can also change by heating, becoming lighter, even to the point of levitation. Either way, if you're suffering from a weak immune system, monoatomic gold capsules might be worth a try. Monoatomic Gold, Ormus Benefits Of Monatomic Gold. Laurence Gardner, a high Illuminati insider (and full blooded Reptilian) August 15, 2005. Monoatomic gold is a unique substance originally discovered by an Arizona farmer named David Hudson in 1975. Monatomic gold is a trace mineral complex derived from a natural occurring mineral deposit that provides relatively high levels of monatomic minerals. Red Elk| Project Blue Beam|Bush Family & Nazis | Otto Skorzeny | Insights on Aliens | Cell Towers | WiFi/Cell Phone Dangers | EMF Radiation News It contain monoatomic gold and monoatomic iradium. Ive read some reviews of this product and it seems that only about 15% of the people taking it experience the really good effects. Excerpts from the book "The Temple, The Abomination and the Holy Place" regarding MFKZT/Monatomic Gold and these ancient bags/purses. The lecture was titled Superconductivity and Modern Alchemy: Has the Philosophers Stone Been Found?. Hudson later dried it away from sunlight, which prevented the gold from disappearing. the millennia, but that have front personnel and agencies that they use http://educate-yourself.org/lte/monoatomicgoldagain24jan07.shtml, 'I Want My Colloidal Gold!' Because it is a superconductor, it tends to ride on the magnetic field of the earth, giving it the powers of levitation. (427) 19.97. Or is because I have reduce my milk consumption. If you have any suggestions and queries you can contact us on the below details. After Hudson discovered it in 1975, he spent many years trying to convince people he had found the miraculous alchemical device called the Philosophers Stone. The concept of Ormus and Monoatomic Gold has existed for thousands of years, but it has only been studied by scientists more recently. This could not be farther from truth. Interest in the concept of self-assembled nanostructures led to the And so literally you have energy going in and out of the nucleus freely flowing in and out of the nucleus while it is in the superconductor.. AQUA UNIVERSE GROUP is not responsible for misuse or side-effects as a result of use of Higane, yoyomi and our monoatomic gold products, and the consumer accepts all responsibility. Sola As a result, this phase of matter has existed as a stealth material right under the noses of scientists without detection until very recently. 1: Typical products of the reaction between DNA and gold particles. Athighstrain( >0.10,d>2.80),thedimerizedchainismore stablethanthelinearone.Actually,befored=2.80,thereisbasically . The story of solid propellants will have to be told by somebody else. Each particle has multiple reactive carboxyl groups on its surface. This may be the missing link for my healing. It also contains large amounts of naturally sourced Monatomic Gold. Monatomic gold powder has been credited for an entire array of benefits which help both mind and body. Idiot trolls burn in hell but karma can heal us all (-;]. Monoatomic gold is a unique substance originally discovered by an Arizona farmer named David Hudson in 1975. 9 Tips for Startups: That Still Want to Be Here in Report On The Video Game Development Industry In 2023, 6 Common Gambling Myths About Online Casinos, Top 5 Online Gambling Strategies Professional Gamblers Use. But Im not sure if its from monatomic elements. That way you get in the pure organic form that I could body use more readily. atomic gold have only grown as I continue to stumble upon more and more I too am rh- and was VERRRY SICK WITH MORGELLONS OR CHEMFLU= Synthetic chromosome #47..agenda 21 depopulation. Please let me know where I can get some star food. Reverse Polarity Colloidal Silver Generator, White Owl on The Dangers of Monoatomic Gold & 'Enki' Aliens (Feb. 4, 2009), Anna This liquid crystal comes on Earth from outer space. Shem-an-na is the word old Mesopotamians called the exotic white powder of Gold. These precious metals can make their vector possition in the spaces . the gold. Barry Carter wrote this summary recently about the past experiences of the pioneers of this research: The material that Hudson supplied to people contained about half a percent of ORMUS gold. One of the central beliefs of monoatomic gold and ORMUS metals is that they work as superconductors. Nothing quite like this has ever been done before, throughout the history of all past ages of man upon this planet, thus success is by no means assured. It can only be transformed permanently by man . These differences are currently being investigated by nuclear physicists, so it isnt possible to make an exhaustive list of the differences. It only lifts what is normally dense - our embodiment, our mental and habitual tendencies - up to a notch, to what is less dense, or more subtle. increase our base vibratory frequency and ascend into the fourth dimension Monoatomic gold is also known for balancing the brain hemispheres to promote whole-brain learning which does not lean to heavily on either the analytical or creative side. Some observers claim that there should be reliable detection techniques for monatomic matter, but you have to know what you are looking for to make use of the techniques. I see love as the connecting factor in All That Is. In modern times, it was researched by Arizona farmer David Hudson in the late 1970s and early 1980s and was patented in 1989. Although sometimes subtle, this is an energy that you can unmistakably feel, even to the point of being overwhelmed if too large a dose is taken. Im more then happy to discuss more.. The gentleman who fasted for 43 days and had the kundalini awakening experience did not take any pure ORMUS gold during that period. for joining carboxyl groups to amino groups. 10C, The Illuminati Formula to Create Nuclear physicists discovered in 1989 that the atoms of some elements exist in microclusters. Because of this you are able to sleep better due to the pineal gland being in charge of the bodys melatonin levels which regulate sleep cycles, and hormonal issues are put at bay since the pituitary gland secretes hormones that often lead to issues such as. Im looking for a product that will turn all this up a notch. Magnetic levitation. Alchemists did not just die from inhaling mercury fumes, or from lead poisoning. group on the gold particle was facilitated using a standard chemical method 1023 atoms. If you have fewer than that critical number of atoms, that microcluster will disaggregate into monatomic atoms with ceramic properties. As you can see by our Kirlian photography, the electrical output tells an astonishing story. This being said, consumers should be aware that there have been reports of certain side effects associated with the use of these products. Monoatomic Gold and other monoatomic elements also occurs in nature in minimal amounts. He also admitted that he had not bio-located. Functionalized nanoparticles are covalently bound to internal, chemically http://www.life-enthusiast.com/ormus/orm_caution.htm. i make and use this stuff on plants, with good results. "red turnip" and in fruit "grape". Many herbs, algae and herbal extracts are also known to sometimes contain these elements, they include: aloe vera, sheep sorrel, water cress, St. John's wort, golden seal, blood root, burdock root, violets, and Klamath lake blue green algae. 1. Monoatomic gold is easier to ingest without adversely reacting with your metabolism. Who or what Conduit, for example, claims to be a monoatomic brain alloy with 600ppm of gold, platinum, copper, iron, zinc, and manganese. You can't claim that science (eg the study of the physical and chemical properties of matter) has to be on an equal footing with made-up fairy tales. Celestial : of or belonging to Heaven. have revealed how the Illuminati are able to do what they call Proxying. for attachment to carboxylic acid functionalized gold particles. In February 2009, I was sent a letter by a man named White Owl which greatly expanded my understanding of the deceptive allure surrounding the use of mono atomic gold and its reputation for opening doors to other vibratory planes. Can Help A Cats Severed Tail Grow Back. ORMUS otherwise known as ORME, monatomic, or m-state materials is a profound healing tool that has been used by physicians, alchemists, and many others throughout history. Most of these supplements contain water-soluble forms of various precious metals. DNA oligonucleotides were designed with amino-modified bases I may have purchased wrong product. This means that Ormus exists on both a physical plane and an energetic plane simultaneously. Regular According to the reading he got from the biotron machine the ormus didnt increase my energy reading. We accept returns within 30 days for unopened merchandise. I usually do not take the recommended amount. many thanks Networks of nanometer-sized metal or semiconductor You can actually buy monoatomic gold and other ORMUS materials or at least you can buy what people claim are monoatomic gold and other materials. There are however articles on monoatomic gold wires, which is basically just research on gold wires one atom thick. If you do not suspect that monatomic matter exists, it is unlikely you will accidentally find it. Through his research Gardner has ascertained that this white substance called "Mfkzt" was a Monoatomic powdered gold. It is also known as monoatomic Gold, Etherium Gold powder,Read More It seems to contain a lot in purple food. grant shapps net worth, louis johnson funeral, fort madison police department arrests,

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