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Building Details

a. Instruction carpet area ( 18810 Sq. ft.)            1747.5 Sqm.
b. Administrative carpet area (3190 Sq. ft.)               296.36 Sqm.
c. Other area 11802 Sq. Ft.               1096.4 Sqm.
d. TOTAL BUILT UP AREA  3140.3 Sqm.
e. Class Room (12) 1.      545 Sq. ft.

2.      536 Sq. ft.

3.      908 Sq. ft.

4.      583 Sq. ft.

5.      526 Sq. ft.

6.      526 Sq. ft.

7.      606 Sq. ft.

8.      532 Sq. ft.

9.      506 Sq. ft.

10.  542 Sq. ft.

11.  542 Sq. ft.

12.  549 Sq. ft.


f. Multipurpose Hall



1.      2027 Sq. ft.

2.      51 Sq. ft.

g. Principal’s Room



1.      248 Sq. ft.

2.      32 Sq. ft.

h. Office Room 1.      532 Sq. ft.
i. Staff Room



1.      534 Sq. ft.

2.      51 Sq. ft.



j. Science & Mathematics resource Centre Laboratory 1.      566 Sq. ft.

2.      602 Sq. ft.

k. Psychology resource center Lab 1.      808 Sq. ft.
l. E.T. Lab       1.    802 Sq. ft.
m. Library cum

reading room (First Floor)


1.      728 Sq. ft.

2.      549 Sq. ft.

3.      65   Sq. ft.

n. ICT Resource Centre 1.      526 Sq. ft.
o. Art and Craft Resource Centre 1.      817 Sq. ft.
p. Health and Physical Education Resource Centre 1.      823 Sq. ft.
q. Administrative Office


1.      247 Sq. ft.

2.      30 Sq. ft.

r. Visitors Room (Lobby) 1.      453 Sq. ft.
s. Girl’s Common Room 1.      549 Sq. ft.
t. Seminar Room 1.      570 Sq. ft.
u. Canteen 1.      266 Sq. ft.
v. Separate Toilet Facility for Boys and Girls 1.      136 Sq. ft. (Boys)

2.      109 Sq. ft.(Girls)

w. Parking Space 1.      6400 Sq. ft.
x. Store Room – i

Store Room – ii

1.      272 Sq. ft.

2.      247 Sq. ft.

y. Multi-Purpose Play Field        1.   2623.5 Sq. ft.

(243.74 Sqm)


Total Build up area in the Building 33802 Sq. Ft.

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